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  • US Premiere of Antonio’s Secret: Rochester, New York, October 2008

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The Cast of “Ang Lihim ni Antonio/ Antonio’s Secret”


(From Left to Right) Nino Fernandez, Lex (this writer), Jiro Manio, Director Jay Altarejos, Kenji Garcia and Josh Ivan Morales 

This is one of the breaks within the tiring three day shoot of “Ang Lihim ni Antonio/ Antonio’s Secret” in Marikina city. 

The shoot is especially memorable for Kenji Garcia who is doing his very first work as an actor in this film. And to make things worse, his very first scene on the first shooting day was the masturbation scene of his character Antonio! 

I remember the whole set was quietly tensed during that first scene. Luckily, critics (Business Mirror and Pinoy Entertainment Portal) have praised the work of Kenji in this film. His bold move was probably well worth it.

36 Responses

  1. Hi Lex! You and Jay Altarejos may be interested in teh Young Screen Entrepreneur Award. Please check this webpage


    I do hope you two join. Goodluck!

  2. Hi Lex,

    I was able to watch both of your films. It was accidental that I went to Robinsons Galleria because I was on my holiday from work abroad and was just finished renewing my papers at POEA when I decided to spend my remaining time at the mall before going back home. I noticed that “Lalaki sa Parola was being shown there. On the case of “Ang Lihim ni Antonio”, that was no accidental. When I learned there would be another film from the same “film makers”, I booked my plane ticket at once, just to see the movie at it’s premier night at UP Theater with my best friend. After two days, I went back here in China. It was worth flying back to the Philippines because of the movie… My friend was also very thankful and very touched.

    Keep up the good work.. I hope you’ll still be doing great digital movies… Definitely I’ll support you.

  3. Hi Jun,

    Thank you for your comments. And I am impressed. Flying all the way to Manila from China just to watch our film. Thank you for the support.

    Our upcoming film “Kambyo” will premiere either on June or July. Should you decide to visit Manila again for the premiere, please say hi to me in person.

    Looking forward to meet you.

  4. hi lex!

    the cast of “ang lihim ni antonio” is superb!

    kenji was so great as if he has been acting for some time now.

    sharmaine, his mom, is a seasoned tv and theater actress who showed intense emotion in the film, particularly in the tragic ending.

    josh ivan also gives a good performance, aside from having a hot bod. hehehe

    and of course, jiro is a good comedic relief as a supportive best friend of antonio. i like his funny lines in the film. i hope he may also be a lead actor in a gay-themed film soon.

    more power and keep writing!

  5. Hi Sam,

    Thank you for supporting our small film.

  6. bro honestly.. the story was SUPERB! wala ako masabe.. cguro madami ung parehong pareho namin ni antonio.. slept with a friend.. n d dpat.. got fuck buddy na super close ko.. tas ung scenes na pag tulog ung lalake.. then antonio secretly doing his dirty moves.. kc ganun gnwa ko sa dalawang tao n cnabi ko.. un lng. dnag-end up sa patayan.. hehe ito na talaga.. cguro ung d ok is ung matagal na transition ng pelikula.. some jeepney scenes.. lalao n ung uuwi na ung mama ni antonio..

    pero two thumbs up! galing bro.. feeling ko ako c antonio… hehe

    ang galing din ng ending.. sobra sa inakala ko.. akala ko mahuhuli lng cla and i am waiting kung ano ggwin ni antonio kapag anhuli cla para gagayahin ko if mabubuko n ako hehe… pero sobrang intense nung nkita ko..

    and pwede ko din ba puriin c kenji? galing nya umarte bro! convincing!:)

    good job bro!

  7. nice. very realistic.

    i salute the cast for doing such a great job, playing gay roles. it must be a lot of courage dedication, and hard work

    i cant help but ask, are they really straight? ..

    i ll be flying back to Amsterdam on july 10, i hope i could find time watching kambyo s premiere at up , too bad i missed lihim ni antonio s premiere.

    where can i get the full copy of this story (lihim ni antonio?) there are a lot of cut scenes in you tube,. i can show this to friends back in amstermdam, i thought.

    kudos !

  8. Thanks Hapi for watching Antonio. Unfortunately, the uncut version of this film is not available commercially. But it will be exhibited in Cinemalaya for a special screening this July 🙂

    I’m sure when Antonio gets released internationally, it will be the uncut version.

    Antonio will premiere in New York this October 🙂

  9. ei..


    I love it! gling pa ni kenji,,,

    grabeh,, maitutulad q rin ba sarili q sa kanya…??/ kc 15 din aq,, ahah
    at curious din,, naaattract sa lalaki.,, pero wla pang experience… ahha

    haaay.. di q nga maitutulad… galing nila umarte.. mas type q xa kesa sa lalaki sa parola… bsta,, iba eh!

    cguro nkarelate lng aq kzse 15 din me… ei.. paregards po kay kenji.. hehehe.. congrats… and to u bro.. ur a good writer… keep it up..ngparegards pa tlga eh no… posible ba?? hehehe

  10. napanuod ko yung film at maganda siya! any movie na kasama si nino fernandez? will he be included sa cast na pupunat sa ny this october? magaling siya kaya lang hindi gaanung nabigyan ng bigat ang role niya sa film? Thanks=o)

  11. Thanks for dropping by Ronald.

    Nino is a regular dancer at GMA. I don’t think he is included in New York screening 🙂

  12. Thanks Lex!=o)

  13. Hi Lex,

    I just came to say that I have an American friend who wishes to watch Antonio’s Secret. I told him about it.

    He’ll look up to it this October.

    Good luck with everything!

  14. Thanks Psychology Student 🙂

  15. this movie is totally hot

  16. Hi lex, the Movie was great! marami kang makukuhang values… keep up the good work..

  17. Dapat ipalabas ito sa lahat ng sinehan para makunan ng leksiyon sa mga asawang nasa abroad na nangangaliwa… isipin dapat nila kong ano ang pwedeng mangyari sa pamilya nila na naiwan sa Pinas…

    Thank you

  18. Thanks for watching Bench,

    I guess you are the only one citing “Antonio” for its “values”. hehehe.

  19. nice story bro. you know what sobrang tinamaan ako sa parola. hopeless romantic kasi ako kya yun….hope to meet you onetime bro..just here always in eastwood city……..you can reach me at 09052232920 pls???? just wanna have good conversation with a very good writer….great job…

  20. I can’t help but say this is really a very nice job. 😀

  21. never pa akong nakapanood ng mga ganyan…paro gusto ko…di ko lang alam kung paano… may libro na po ba yung mga pelikulang yan? thank you po…

  22. Amazing Superb Movie!! can’t wait for the next Lex!!

  23. Compared to Lalaki sa Parola, which by the way wasted an hour and a half of my life lol. This film is well acted and the plot was not your average predictable pinoy gay themed movie. Kenji deserves special credit for this film. One thing though (spoilers) i dont know if its a trend amongst indie films, the camera is way too shaky, and there are scenes that abused the use of the zoom button. Best regards to the writer and of course to Antonio and Tere….

  24. Hi Lex! I’ve seen the movie from video city rent a dvd and i was amazed that such a plot can enlighten many who stillare afraid to be out. You are all great from Director to cast. Grabe and acting ni kenjie at josh and not to forget the mother. Keep it up the good work.

  25. I never knew of this film and never had I seen an Indie film before especially gay themed – until a social networking friend posted some vids on my comment page which paved the way for me to see this film.

    I can’t say much, everything was perfect, the story – which was written by you – Lex, the way the film was shot – superb (thanks to the director), the cast – especially Kenji Garcia and Sharmaine Buencamino. Their acting was so natural and I felt I was taken right to the very place at each scene.

    I just can’t help but praise each and everyone who were part of this film for an excellent job. I definitely will recommend this film to everyone.

    My hats off to you folks! I’d be looking forward for more Indie films from you.

    More power and I hope this film bags an international award SOON!

  26. Sobrang naka-relate ako sa movie na “Lihim ni Antonio”
    I was moved…touched and amazed on how close the movie is in real life!!

    I am one of those people who are like Antonio…gay but not out.

    I feel like I am him…

    Nagkaroon din ako ng kaibigan na nakagalit ko din…parang si Nathan… hehehe

    Naninilip din ako sa banyo…hahaha

    Nilalanghap ko ang manilaw nilaw na brief ng roommate ko…

    At higit sa lahat, tinatanong ko rin sarili ko…kung ano purpose ko dito sa mundo…

    Naramdaman ko ang lungkot na nararamdaman ni Antonio sa movie…I love it very very much.

    Thanks to all the people who made this movie. All the actors are great…

    I love Uncle Jo, I love Antonio…but most of all I love Nathan!! where the hell is he?? 😉

    Love you guys!!

    Please if you are planning of writing another movie, please inform me through my email…

    I am interested in working with you guys!!



  27. Lex Bonife,
    I just saw your film Antonio’s Secret. What a wonderful film. I live in Los Angeles, California and am staying in Pampanga. Because of you I am really falling in love with Philippine gay cinema.

    All the best,
    Patrick Kelley
    Los Angeles, California
    Angeles City, Philippines

  28. love ko nathan. hahaha 🙂

  29. a very nice story! give break also to nino fernandez!

  30. does nino fernandez appearing in another movie?

  31. bkt wla yung love scene about sa love ng isang gay …..di ba yan lang want nang mga gay sa isang lalaki……

  32. maganda, ang comment ko lang is that, dun sa titirahin na si antonio ni tito jo, di ko maintindihan ang sudden shift ng kanyang character, diba si antonio nga ang nag initiate nun,si antonio nga ang libog na libog na chupain si tito jo, tapos nung titirahin na sya ni tito jo, parang biglang, nag pa conservative sya, eto lang ha, medyo contrive yung ending, kasi, para majustify ang pag patay kay tito jo ni tere, ewan ko ha…

  33. i liked that Nathan Guy. is he a newbie in the movie industry? he looks good and was daring enough to show his young body on screen even if he’s just a supporting character. He’s better looking than Antonio but the casting fits. Antonio doesnt look gay and that’s a plus point. HOORAY TO YOUR MOVIE!

    btw, i didnt like KAMBYO much because imost of the characters were too queer. however, i love THE MAN IN THE LIGHTHOUSE, except that Justin deLeon lost his sex appeal because of his character. but then again…he was great in that role…very convincing.

    I’ve seen NO WAY OUT by joel lamangan lately and it was nice. hope you could make more movies with straight characters/ straight-acting characters but ends up “together”…like in no way out. hehehhe.

    More power!

  34. khit na ndi ko napanud ung pnikula !
    lam ko mganda
    i know Kenji Garcia !
    dti ko cyang schoolmate !
    and i know that he is good in acting !
    keep it up kua KENJI ?????
    is this his real name ???!

  35. Hey Lex i just saw ang lihim ni antonio.
    I have to say that movie was amazeing. The actors were so incredible, full of passion and made teh movie perfect, 2 big thumbs up for writting the script.
    this is the first filipino movie i watched and i truely enjoyed it. i hope to see more of your work in the future.
    a new american fan

  36. Hi Lex,

    After seeing Antonio’s secret, I became an instant fan of yours… Great story… I hope makasulat ka pa ng maraming ganito… 🙂

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