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Kambyo: My Third Screenplay

I wrote the screenplay of “Kambyo” as a requirement from my producer (Viva) to make a follow up film after the commercial success of “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” (Antonio’s Secret) and “Ang Lalake sa Parola” (The Man in the Lighthouse).

I wrote this film during my stay in Sagada (Mountain Province). And our vision for this project was to come up with a light, fun and entertaining film for the Filipino gay community. I think “Kambyo” is my most accessible and my most “mainstream” work so far.

Here’s the synopsis of the film:

From the makers of “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” (Antonio’s Secret) comes a heartwarming story of four men, their friendship and a road trip that will change their lives forever. 

It’s the last summer of their university life. Cousins Macky (Rayan Dulay, Bathhouse) and Manuel (Kenjie Garcia, Ang Lihim ni Antonio) start on a road trip to look for the Macky’s long lost friend Philip (Johnron Tanada). They bring along with them their fun loving friend Xavier (Harold Macasero), who tags along a hunky guy named Aldo (Gabz del Rosario), whom he just met right before their trip.

As the engine of Macky’s old van begins to accelerate, their relationships start on a new journey. Love blooms. Secrets unfold. Insecurities collide. And hidden desires set in.

As they drive their way up north of Manila, this unrestrained group of three friends and a stranger explore the boundaries of their friendships, their sexualities, their dreams and the future that lies ahead of them.


Screenplay: Lex Bonife

Production: Viva Digital and Beyond the Box Production

Direction: Joselito Altarejos





13 Responses

  1. hi, congratulations to ur career as a writer. this is my first time to see ur blog and ive seen both parola and antonio’s secret.

  2. Naku may trabaho ako sa july 5, wala na bang ibang date?

  3. It was a nice one! Great lines! Great story!

  4. Thanks for watching it. As of now, I have not seen the film though 🙂

  5. My partner and I watched it last night at Robinson’s Movieworld. Very light and entertaining indeed. I see it as a serious attempt to bring the gay genre into the mainstream. But we had a bit problem with the editing. There seem to be a lack of continuity particularly in the karaoke bar scene in Ilocos when some of the drunkards (who were not shown) doing catcalls and shouting invectives to Kenjie Garcia’s charater and his beau. I think it was a minor jump but tolerable. Congratulations for this one Lex!

  6. Hi Jake,

    Thanks for watching it. The scene where the construction workers were shown was accidentally deleted from the hard drive during the shoot. And we just can’t get it back. Hence, there was a “jump” and “discontinuity”.

  7. Hi lex,

    i’ve watched the movie in ermita.. two thumbs up! awesome very artistic.. the artists are great especially harold macasero and kenjie garcia. i also like the acting of ray an dulay. he’s sex scene is so intense i like the shots… what catches me the most is the kissing scene of harold and kenjie it’s so brave and i really love that moment.. pure and very sincere … hope you will write more films like this.. lastly may i know the title of the soundtrack and the lyrics? it really inspires me.. thanks and more power..

  8. Thanks for watching King_star,

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the lyrics of the song as I did not write it. It was written and composed by Ajit Hardasani.

  9. Can we meet? I admire your film….
    Hopefully we can be good friends

  10. Lex, I can’t wait to see your new movie!! you are really talented

  11. is that kenjie garcia is a real gay in real life? what kind of person he is? pls tell me.. did you see him in person? pls tell me he is very interesting i try to search his profile but i wasnt able to find information about him

  12. pls write more on kenjie, i hope he will be given a big break! He deserved to be a big star! I really like his actings!

  13. good job lex! i love all the casts especially johnron. more power to you!

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