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Truth is Over Rated


My usual conversation with gay friends is normally punctuated by exaggeration, fantasies, hyperboles, rumours and all variations of that much feared term – lies.


Then one of my friends posed a very confronting question, “Bakit puro tayo ka-echosan”(Why are we so fond of silly talk?)


And without thinking, I just blurted out, “That’s because truth is over-rated”.


I wasn’t sure if the statement made sense. But contemplating on truth, here are some things that I can say about it.


There is so much demand for truth. But the truth is bitter. It disregards our feelings. It could even trample on the very things that we value in life.


So we, humans regard many ideas as true even if it’s just a variation of the real, cold truth.


So is truth really over rated? We think about it. Sometimes, we write about it. We demand it all the time. But in reality, we just honor it whenever it is useful in our lives. Perhaps, it really is.

2 Responses

  1. so true =)

  2. Hi Lex:

    I think we also had a brief conversation along the same lines as your post.

    I recall that I said that there is no such thing as absolute truth as it is relative to the person giving it and the person receiving it. What we deem as truth may not be what the other person may want to hear from us or may just be a way for us to “share” our guilt.

    Question is, if the truth’s nature is destructive or will certainly produce a negative effect – is it really mandatory that we indulge it? Are there parameters that we can subject truth to to mitigate it’s effects? There are none.

    Truth for me then is a personal choice. Something I have to weigh before I subject others to it.


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