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  • US Premiere of Antonio’s Secret: Rochester, New York, October 2008

  • Out on DVD: Ang Lalake sa Parola (The Man in the Lighthouse)

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About Lex Bonife

Lex Bonife is a FIlipino screenwriter and yoga teacher. 

His films include the internationally acclaimed “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” (Antonio’s Secret) and the record breaking “Ang Lalake sa Parola (The Man in the Lighthouse).

In 2009, he was named by Outrage magazine as one of the “movers and shakers” of the Gay Community for the sexuality of his screenplays and the queer voice of his 2 year old blog, lexuality.com

For Lex, living is all about pursuing one’s passion. So aside from writing scripts, he pursues another passion in life – Yoga.
Lex is a Yoga Alliance USA certified teacher and holds regular classes at Fitness First and Gold’s Gym.


You can send him a message at lex@lexuality.com

18 Responses

  1. i would love to watch your movies, but meanwhile, keep on writing! good luck!

  2. so, you are the screenwriter! ive watched “lihim ni antonio”and I liked it. i now plan to grab a dvd of parola 🙂

    hope to see more of your films in the future, lex.

    i seldom watch movies so i hope these films will be made available in dvds soon, including the other gay-themed indie films.

    meanwhile, i look forward to attending your yoga classes (do you teach at FF?). Im a balance/yoga affecionado.


  3. hi lex,
    i’ve seen both of your films (dvd copies) recently and i love it! i think they are worthy to be praised and submitted to festivals abroad.

    i lived in havana, cuba for almost 4 years and have had a wonderful gay relationship with a cuban boy – now that i am back in manila, i wanted my story to be put into film, what do you say?

    anyway, keep making beautiful films so we could watch them here and abroad.

    “que tenga buena suerte y continuas escribiendo istorias con tema de la vida del gay siempre”!

  4. can’t wait for kambyo!
    hope it’s as good as antonio’s
    i’m now a kenji fan

  5. Hi Lex

    Thanks for visiting my site. You can contact Mr. Suzara at 0916 5724 788. Another atheist group affiliated with the Bertrand Russel Society of the Philippines is Pinoy Atheist, it is the most active registered atheist organization as of the moment. If you want to join this organization, contact John Paraiso through his friendster: http://profiles.friendster.com/14618385.



  6. Re: evert….

    Hey Lex weren’t you my officemate sa IPVG and didn’t I just see you in Podium the other week? 🙂

    hehehe… you should read Evert’s story. He’s been one of my bestest friends in the world.

    Nice to see you again…

  7. […] letter from Lex Bonife — my idol screenplay writer. Go watch Kambyo on July […]

  8. just finished watching antonio’s secret… nicely done… good choice of actors… ms.buencamino is the best!

    ill be writing my review about it asap… tnx looking forward sa kambyo!

  9. Para sa akin parola & antonio parehong 5 stars ang galing mo. Abangan ko tong kambyo sana mas maganda pa sa dalawa. Gudlak!

  10. hi lex!

    thanks for visiting my site! glad you liked my post on “ang lihim ni antonio”…i haven’t seen “kambyo” yet, but i’m sure it’ll be just as great!

    to more great scripts and movies!

    God bless!


  11. hi! really i loved your parola, it really broke away with the commercial films but your antonio is somewhat too taboo and somewhat commercialized for me… i hope you can make a film that will really show the plight of the 3rd sex and will touch on the sociocultural issues and the hypocrisies of the state and church.

    hmmmp your story line somewhat resembles “y tu mama tambien” but i havent watched it yet.

    but really i admire your writings

  12. Hi
    I have to say your films are irresponsible. You are universalising western gay ideologies and trying to convert indiginous pinoy sexual norms to the McDonalds way. I’m a American living in the Phils and I lament the westernisation of bakla. What you fail to mention in your films is that western values are based on greed, imperialism and individuality. When it is too late the indiginous Spanish – Pinoy culture, with all its beauties and flaws, will be no more. I say Filipino’s should reject the gay model, not embrace it. Stand up and be counted Filipinos! The discretion of the past was better than the outing of thr present. Look at American gay scenes for an idea of where the Phil is heading.

  13. there’s no word in this world would describe how great u are!

    ur magnificent, u know what when i’ve watch “ang lihim ni antonio” im quitely addictive to it… And i know that behind this film is a great person,… and it is true…

    keep on doing this things….

    more power on u!

    congrats…. your a gift!

  14. wow..i like this blog too , lex.

  15. god, i love your work =p

  16. Good day!
    I am a 3rd year AB Communication student, i just want to ask if do you know where I can have my On-the-job training in summer, I preferred to have my OJT in a production…
    Hoping for your positive reponse…
    Thank you…

  17. nice movie…keep it up…

  18. hi sir lex
    i have watched lihim ni antonio on my computer and i can say with truth that you have really captured the angst and fear of a young man coping about his one-of-a-kind sexuality and being closeted. que buena obra senor, que buena obra.
    i can identify so much with the character of antonio. im a 19 yo filipino guy here in the u.s.a. and who happens to be in the closet.
    may i tell you that i identify so much with the scene in which antonio is avoided by nathan after they had sex while drunk. a sort of same thing happened to me when i was in the philippines 5 months ago.
    and i just want to say that you are doing a great job, portraying the travails of the gay life in the philippines.
    i also sent you an email on your website lex@lexuality.com. i will be very much honored if you respond. muchas gracias 🙂

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