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Wishlist for My Own Funeral

The news articles on the recent maritime tragedy that killed 800 people last week brought me to tears and some introspection. First, it made me wish that all those people who died with the ill fated M/V Princess of the Sea lived at least a happy life. That despite how unexpectedly tragic their life ended, I hoped they were able to live it without any regrets.

Now, this makes me think about my own life and my funeral rites that I’d like to be observed should I find myself luckier than the victims of this tragedy whose bodies are still being searched by authorities.

Here are some things that I’d like to be done on my own funeral:

  1. No religious ceremonies. No public expression of prayers. I’d like my life to be a testament of the truths that I am grounded in. Let other people know that I am not looking forward to any second life after my death. I am dead. Period.
  2. Yoga Classes. I’d like my friends in yoga to contribute a class or perhaps a meditation moment for all the visitors. A good life is anchored on a healthy mind and body. I’d like people to remember me for that.
  3. Film Showing. I’d like all the films that I have written and the films that I may direct in the future be shown.
  4. Poetry reading. I hope some of my poems be read.
  5. Musical Requirements. Please play Madonna’s “Ray of Light” and the only song that I have written “Awit Para kay Antonio”. DON”T ever play sad, god-worshiping music on my rites.
  6. If speeches be made at any time, People don’t need to talk about how good I was to them. Had I been good to you, just keep it in your heart. I don’t want any melodramatic lines. What I’d like is for people to talk about the “unpopular” things that my life has stood for: human evolution, rationalism, positive atheism and sexual diversity.
  7. And should my boyfriend be still alive by then, I’d like him to sing a song for everyone.

How about you? Have you thought of your wishlist for your own funeral?