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Why I Write Gay Stories

“Thank you for speaking for us. For bringing to memory the fondest and darkest moments in my life…helping me understand myself… (and realize) that it’s ok to be me…” (Jeffrey, 25 years old)


This is a part of a letter from a viewer after watching the film that I wrote “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” (Antonio’s Secret). And receiving such letter is a confirmation on why I have long wanted to write stories about gay men.


When I was young, way back in the 80’s, the images of gay men in mainstream cinema were comic and slapstick. They were best represented by Roderick Paulate’s characterization of “Petrang Kabayo” and Dolphy’s iconic “Facifica Falayfay”. These film characters were certainly far from who I was and who I want to be as a gay man.


It was only before the end of the century that Filipino gay men were more accurately represented in film through “Ang Lalake sa Buhay ni Selya” (by Carlitos Siguion-Reyna) and Pusong Mamon (by Joel Lamangan). And it was just in 2002, that films started to honestly represent the angst of the urban gay men through Crisaldo Pablo’s “Duda” and “Bath house”.


Writing the screenplay of “Ang Lalake sa Parola” (The Man in the Lighthouse) and “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” (Antonio’s Secret) represents my sincere effort to connect to other gay men out there, to share their voice and to continuously remind our society about who we really are and why we deserve acceptance and not just tolerance. And if you’ll allow me to qualify further, what I personally demand is acceptance without compromises.


13 Responses

  1. gay stories are crucial to make people realize they are not alone

  2. Lex congrats sa iyong “Ang lihim Ni Antonio” just keep on writing gay stories that will touch every people’s heart.

  3. Thank you Raul for supporting my projects. I really appreciate it.

  4. I am one of the many young people out there – in big question of their sexual identity and desperately trying to find out what it really means to be gay.

    Ang Lihim ni Antonio is one of those moving movies that hits home, I can just feel my inner child pulling my heart strings everytime I think about the movie. It’s definitely a masterpiece!

    The subject is gay but the overall theme is really about the human spirit – how it struggles to achieve peace and happiness only in fully accepting truth, no matter how sad, dark or painful truth is.

    I am thankful that the story writer sees the “gay situation” as a realistic human condition. And not wrongly portrayed as funny, unimportant and dumb (as what Filipino culture and most of the cinema portray gay to be). The movie depicts focefully the existential dilemma faced by troubled souls in quest for self-acceptance and inner truth.

  5. alam mo, tama ka naman e. hindi lang pang comedy ang story ng mga gays kasi may pang araw araw na buhay din sila e. i salute you for showing the other side. welcome sa WPP.

  6. Hi Pscyhology Student,

    Thanks for watching “Ang Lihim ni Antonio”. You hit the nail right on its head.

  7. Thanks Kengkay for dropping by.

  8. Omg, you are the writer of my favorite film. In case you need a producer someday, just keep me in mind. I like the way you write but my own comment on the ending which I don’t like is that it is a sad ending which rarely happens in reality.

    I wish you could have an ending where the gay is victorious. Most of the indie films I watch, the ending is tragic making you as a gay man tragic.

    There’s a lot of accomplished gay men like you and me. And we never have sorry endings. I watch short clips made by MTV in 1999 showing gay life. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wf02RLlNy0

  9. lex, oo ang sarap panoorin ng mga pelikulang nagawa nyo,totoo sa mga katulad kong pilitin mang alisin sa isip na hindi ako ….. ay lumalabas ang katotohanan na ako ay itinadhana na maging ganito sa ayaw sa gusto ko pero hanggang ngayon ay pilit nillalabanan ang tunay kong damdamin at ang hirap na pigilin ang tunay kong nadadama.lex sana ay makasulat ka ng isang kwento na siyang gusto kong mangyari sa buhay ko. ako na natatakot tumanda na nag iisa at walang mag aalaga sa aking pag tanda pero takot magkaroon ng responsibilidad katulad ng pag aasawa. ang nais ko ay magkaroon ng sariling anak pero ayoko ng asawa, iniisip ko na sa lansangan ay humanap ng babaeng walang direksyon ang buhay kukunin ko sya upang bigyan ako ng anak at pagkatapos ay lalayo na kami ng magiging anak ko. ang ikinatatakot ko lang ay paano kung hindi sya maging mabuting anak,paano na ako bukas….pasensya ka na sa mahaba ko sulat sana ay maging magkaibigan tayo… salamat

  10. Hi, Lex! Unfortunately I didn’t see your films, but I like your gay stories! And sometimes I write stories myself. Just for me.
    Keep on writing, and we all will keep on reading, since there is always something new to learn from your stories.
    Wish you more creative power and success!

  11. Hello I am of venezuela latino america I saw a movie of your country and I like me much is called antonio’s secret and there wanted to know mas names of movies gay of his(her,your) country thank you.

  12. hello lex wow ganda ng mga movie that u make nakakarelete ako kc lihim din ang pag katao ko nice can u send me more movie gay tittles?tnx GOD blees

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